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I got my new iMac17 with 10.1.5 eight days ago and it has been running perfect.

I have yet to install any real apps (Just ripping music in iTunes so far).

Well, this morning I was surfing with IE (latest version) it I got a Kernel error. I then rebooted and got the same screen on boot. I then turned off completely (and unplugged) for a while turned back on and the same Kernel/Darwin screen comes up right after the ?Happy Mac? icon.

What?s up???

(Background ? I know OS9 in and out, I haven?t had a Mac for 11 months and I?ve never used OSX before last week, so I don?t know much about the under pinnings of it, besides the fact that it?s based on Unix, of course).

It kind of sucks to get this new iMac and have it for 1 week and have it not boot anymore


PS - I tried searching for previous threads that relate, and there were a lot a Kernel Panic threads but none where people couldn?t' get their Mac back up. (Should this go in the Genius Bar?)


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    It should be in Genius Bar, and I'll move it there.

    My guess is that if you're getting a lot of KP's, you either have a bad driver, a hosed hard drive or a hardware failure. Run some diagnostic checks (Apple's supplied software is OK). If you added any RAM, remove it. OS X is particularly sensitive to flaky RAM.

    Good luck!

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    cubedudecubedude Posts: 1,556member
    This happened to me a few months ago. Restart, and hold down the option key until a purple screen(or is it blue?) shows up. Then select OS9. Then pop in the OSX installation CD, and reinstall.
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    Thanks, for the info...

    I will definitely try removing the memory and see if that helps... hopefully that?s not it.

    I got Jag in the mail today, so I'll just do a clean install of it.

    It?s still kind of freaky that for no good reason OSX can just get hosed?

    (Unless it is a memory problem)
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    I had a similar problemn happen to me, except it crept up on me. At first, an occasional kernal panic while playing a memory intensive game. Then I couldn't play the game with out a kernal panic. Finnally, I couldn't even reinstall OS X without errors. Luckily I was able ot back up before everything crapped out, and by selectively removing componets, I found that it was a bad memory chip (stupid el cheapo memory). After that, I've been blessed with no kernal panics. Hopefully, if you have a bad memory chip, its the one which is easily accessable...
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    spotbugspotbug Posts: 361member
    Yup, the only time I've ever had kernel panics in OS X (since all the way back to 10.0.0) was when I got a bad DIMM once. Kernel panics like crazy! Absolutely check the RAM.
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