Appleworks printing issues....

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We finally have a printer hooked-up to our iMac G4 (a Epson C80), and it prints letter-size documents beautifully, but I cannot get a legal-size image to work.

The document is a JPG that I cut and pasted from a photo program and added text to, and is about 4.4mb. Everything is set-up correctly, including the page set-up for legal. I have reduced the measurements of the image, increased the margins and tried to print it both as a drawing, and as a word processing document. Each and every time I am given the message that printing is beginning, the printer icon appears in the dock breifly, and then vanishes....what gives?

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    Evidentally our printer troubles are unrelated to the paper size, since now even 8.5x11 documents won't print. We ran the repair priviledge utility (which is what we had to do to get the printer to work in the first place), but that did not help any....

    Strange that we were able to print 4 different documents (in both mine and hubby's log-in) with no problem, but now the printer and computer don't seem to be responding to one another (and we checked the connections too, and those seem fine....).
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    Moving to the Genius Bar since it sounds more like a tech support issues. Keep an eye out in there for my pants, eh?
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