How to install X.2 from a disk image?

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I want to install MacOSX 10.2 onto my machine (10.1.5) from two disc images (for legal comments: See below) My setup is this:

A Powerbook running 10.1.5

A iBook running 9.something

A Ethernet cable.

Can I place the disk images on the 9.? computer and then install them over ethernet? If so how do I do that (both letting my X machine see the images and install them)? I´ve tried in the past to make a simple network between them but somehow I can´t get them to see eachother.

If this is impossible would it work if I bought a firewire cable and used firewire target mode?

And no. I haven´t got a CD burner but of course I know someone who do. So if anything else fails that what I have to do. But can I just burn a X compatible CD from a PC or should I take any procausions?

My HD is partitioned. Can I place the images on "the other" partition and install it from there?

I might have access to another 10.1.5 equipped mac. Is it more easy between two X macs?

Now about the legal stuff. I´m a student and have ordered (and probably also paid) for teh student version of 10.2. But the delivery time is currently "unavailable" so I obtained through "different sources". I don´t know if this is legal or not (now that I do own a license) but frankly I don´t care since I´m not cheating anyone for money and I want 10.2 now. So if this seems like a problem to the mods please feel free to lock or erase.


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    defiantdefiant Posts: 4,876member
    you can't install from a disk image.

    you have to burn a CD, because the computer has to boot on the CD.

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    wmfwmf Posts: 1,164member
    I read a report about installing using an external hard disk on one of the OmniGroup lists; I don't know if it would work with a partition.
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