Jaguar Installation error

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Hello, I have an iMac Rev. B. and am trying to install Jaguar with the update disks. When I boot off of the first CD it brings up the new apple splash screen and then eventually says the installer has unexpectedly quit, exit code 138. Does anyone know what this could be? thanks.


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    Same problem on a Powerbook G3 500. I get unexpected error 1 or 0. One install attempt made it down to the 1 minute mark, then hung there. Can still boot up from a OS 9 partition, but the former 10.1.5 is wiped!

    Update: Fourth time was a charm, though I am not clear why. Could be the older machine, but now I am reluctant to install immediately on my main machine until I've given it a run for a few weeks. I should have added above that I first tried a clean install, which failed. After that, only the erase all install option was available. AND, its about the load time on the help feature! My advice, try again.

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