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I'm thinking about doing a airport network im my office at work. most of our computers are compatible but we have 3 tray loading imacs and a indigo slot loading, and i saw that they arent comapatible with the airport card or the adapter. Also we have 2 pc's. Anyone know how to get the imacs and the pcs on the airpot network?


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    You could just use cables...
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    There are at least two good options.

    One is which has some products specfically for older iMacs. They also carry wireless cards for your PC's.

    Or you could go with a USB wireless device. It catches the 802.11 and passes it to your computer via USB. Not elegant, but it works.
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    tray loading iMacs will have to go through a router which could plug into the Base Station (there's only ONE spare ethernet port on a Base Station) ....

    the PC's are easy ... just get a 802.11b PCI card for them (less than $100 for the Linksys model), then muck around with it's "properties" to get it to work.

    My airport net at home has one tray-loading iMac through the extra ethernet port, an iBook, and an eMachine (windows) ... all working flawlessly.

    Well... if that can be said at all for Wintel
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    thanks all
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