reinstalling appz that came with my computer on a clean jag install?

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ok this is a dumb question but bare with me please. I have a cd with iphoto on it but are the appz like idvd and imovie that came installed with my computer(g4 933) on the software restore cd? Say if i want to totaly wipe my HD clean install just jaguar, how do i get those appz back, if i boot the sotf restore cd can i choose what apps i want to install from it, cuz there are prob appz that i dont want to install, cuz newer versions are in jaguar, but programs like idvd wont come with the boxed version of jag from the store. Sorry, I have been out of the mac loop for a while, i feel like a dumb ass sometimes.



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    Good question. I would assume you would be able to selectively install iDVD, but honestly, I have no idea. I don't have one of those fancy superdrivers

    Why not grab one of the CDs from your computer and run some tests? Shouldn't take too long...
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    just did, i booted from the software restore. Well that wants to erase your whole drive and put your computer in the state of factory install, so thats a no-no. Their is a cd called applications but its just stuff like graphics converter n stuff. I guess this isnt so simple? Are those programs self contained? can i just back up the individual app icons on cd and throw it back on my hd after i install jag?
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    Yeah just backup onto CD-it should be OK.I reinstalled an OEM Bugdom onto a later version of OS9 (on the same computer) with no problem.But remember that Jaguar is much diffent than 10.1,so you may have to download new versions of some apps to get them to work.
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