ATV3s are shipping... should arrive one day prior to release!

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
I just received shipment notice on a pre-ordered ATV3. While it is scheduled to be officially released on March 16th, the same day as iPad (3), it looks like Apple hasn't paid to have these held for delayed shipment.

My pre-ordered iPad3 has been sitting in a nearby city for quite a few days. It will sit there until the scheduled delivery date of the 16h. However the ATV has shipped and fedex tracking is predicting that it will arrive on the 15th, one day early.

Now hopefully the jailbreak community will get this thing cracked relatively soon. Until then it will be relegated to toy status. Once cracked it will be truly useful as a media player (with xbmc). With people taking shipment tomorrow, those devs can get to work on the jailbreak. Good luck!


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    jrossjrjrossjr Posts: 11member
    Yup, mine should be here by 3:00 PM tomorrow. And i'm in the same boat with my iPad... it's been hiding in Pennsylvania since Friday.
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