Jaguar ate my iPhoto library ...

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Oh bugger.

Clean installed without saving old users and preferences ... even after putting the old iPhoto directory structure in my new Pictures folder, the old Photo Library is empty empty empty.

Weirdly, the imported albums contain pretty images as they should ... any ideas?


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    jmpjmp Posts: 31member
    You can import pictures from files just like from a camera. As long as you still have the jpegs, tiffs, or whatever on your hard drive you just need to re-import them. Just select "Import" from under the file menu in iPhoto, browse to the folder with your pics, and click Import.

    One caveat-if you're importing pictures from your old iPhoto directory, there may be thumbnail pictures listed in addition to the originals. Just be sure you only select the originals to import, otherwise you may end up with duplicate low-res images (which you could also delete later of course, but if you have a lot it may be easier to just trash the thumbnail and data folders before importing rather than deleting every other pic from your library).
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