Anyone have a similar Jag/iTunes problem?

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So, I can rip CDs, except for the last song on a CD. . . well, iTunes actually hangs, seemingly stuck with 8 seconds left to the encoding, and my whole system freezes. Then, after about a minute, iTunes completes the encoding. Now, if I rip songs 1-13 of a 14 song CD, no problem. And I never had this problem in iTunes under 9.x or OS X 10.0-10.1.5 (and I've reinstalled both after this problem reared it's ugly head, and again, no problem).

One last thing: I did not have this problem with Audion (which was ridiculously slow however, and has a very poorly designed interface. . .I felt like I was using a Windows MP3 player).

I have "clean" installed Jaguar countless times subsequently, still no luck.

So, any similar experiences? And, does this sound like a hardware or software problem?

Any help/advice is appreciated.


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    I have encounterd problems like so:

    i can only add songs to itunes if they are on a cd i cant move them to the playlist from the hard drive, and when i burn a cd as soon as its done i get a kernal panic but the cd burns fine so.
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