re-retrive old mail off server

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how do i do this? apparently i had my setting wrong in 10.2 and mail would get deleted after 1 week, but i know know how to fix that. the trouble is, in my transition to 10.2 i lost email which i know is still on my mail server, how do i go about to re-retrive al this mail?


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    ok i figured it out. i justfired up my old mail and retrieved all the old mail with IE but i couldn't find what i was lloking for

    well before i installed 10.2 i backed-up mail but when i imported it in with the new version of mail, i lost mail. i now the mail is still on by back-up disc. how can i get it back?
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    ok forget it. i figured it out. mail doesn't import all the mail boxes for some old reason, so i fiddled about and got it to do it eventually. i guess the import mail feature needs some work still
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