Speculating initial iPad sales....

in AAPL Investors edited January 2014
I've been doing some "research" to see how iPad buzz is going. All signals point to what will probably be record sales.

A few key points:

-Lines are reportedly still enthusiastic, long, and intact, however shorter and generally quicker than iPad 2's release. Several analysts have said that lines/show ups are higher than expected due to New iPad having Pre-Order sales available where the iPad 2 didn't (puts things into heavy perspective). Also, many have said that the efficiency in which employees move people in and out is far greater than before.

-Reports of models being sold out at stores, while in some city's especially non-Apple store vendors have easily available stock.

-Of course, the biggest key point, Apple stating that initial orders being sold out and "off the charts", forcing for online order delays (do we have any idea as to how many pre-order units were available?).

-Reports that Youtube traffic to the New iPad's official spots has outnumbered that of the original and iPad 2, which is impressive.

I'm curious. The magic # is "1 Million first day" from Anal-ists.
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