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Identity: 23 years old. First time owner of a used, scratched up, old Macbook Pro.

I bought a Macbook Pro from Craigslist. It is a Late 2008 15 inch unibody model with 2.93 GHz Intel dual core processor. It had cosmetic dents and scratches on top of the machine. There was a problem with the display, a discoloration on the screen appears when it is viewed in a black background and full brightness. The machine still has Applecare until August 2012 so I got an appointment at the Apple Genius Bar in downtown Portland, OR. I was greeted at the entrance and was escorted to the back where the Bar was located. In order for the problem to be resolved, they would need to replace the LCD display. They would service it for free under warranty. They said it would be fixed and be back to me in 3-5 business days.

I could not believe the results when I got my machine back in the mail(They had to send it out for repair because they didn't have the part in the store). Not only did they replace the LCD screen inside the machine, resulting in fixing the main problem, they also replaced the Top Case which housed the LCD. The summary described the Top Case as "Enclosure- Mechanical/Cosmetic damaged." Now My Macbook Pro looks brand new because of this!! It would've cost me $310 to fix it under warranty but I had Applecare coverage. The repair was FREE!!!!!!! I got my machine back in 3 days. I dropped it off on Friday and got it back Tuesday. Big credit goes out to Apple who cares about their products and their customers.

Truly a success story. I am never going back to PC. I hope others have similar stories and I'm glad to hear them!


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    This is probably the biggest differentiator with being an Apple customer.

    No matter what quality control measures a company puts in place, things will occasionally go wrong and in the long term a company is defined by how they deal with the problem.

    Apple seems to get a lot of flack for making a profit (and a very large one at that) but by not playing the ultra slim margin game, they are able to afford the service that we have all benefited from or would wish to, should we be in need of help.

    As an owner of far too many silver, white and black machines with an Apple logo, I have only once had need to test Apples service and they responded over and above my expectations and high standards.

    Even if the capital cost may be slightly higher than buying a 'comparable' machine from another manufacturer, this is why to me buying Apple is generally good value.

    I hope you enjoy your new machine.

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