PS2, iLink, and iMovie

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ok, so my room mate got a ps2, and i noticed the 4 pin firewire port on the front and thought, hey, what a cool way to get clips from games. but when i hooked it up to my 867(10.2) and launched imovie, all it said was "camera disconnected"

Does anyone know if it is possible to send video out through that firewire port? i saw on a site that it can be used for networking 2 ps2's and for sending video out to a camcorder or a dvr. if anyone knows how to set somthing like this up, thanx in advance.


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    hmm, no idea but sounds cool. look around online and let us know what you find out.

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    I was under the impression that video out via the Firewire port would have to be programmed into the disc itself and Sony has said that they haven't yet and have no plans to write a driver for it. So unless someone has worked some magic I don't think it's possible.
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    Yeah, it's kind of lame that Sony bothered to include all of these universal ports, but has yet to really put them to use. I do wish they would do something with them already, instead of just waiting for a game to use them.

    Only a little while ago, I decided to hook up my USB Zip drive to the PS2 just on the off chance that it could see it and access it from the browser. Wouldn't that be cool to be able to archive your memcards or even use it as a memcard from within your games?! No such luck! It was a real long shot, though.

    The only thing I have heard about is the oft game that supports USB mouse and keyboard. Plus there is a new game SOCOM that comes with a headset that plugs into the USB. Apparently, the game responds to simple voice commands, with regard to managing your squad. Pretty neat, ehh?

    It's just unprecedented that we have so much USB and firewire equipment already lying about the house and the ports on the PS2 to interface with them, but still no support. It's a real shame. Usually you have some nonstandard port that future devices may use, so it is understandable if nothing ever comes of them in the service life of the console. However, we have both sides of the equation right now- just no software support. Arrrgh!

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