Moved: Radeon 9000 vs Gf4 Ti - in 2D!

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I'm interested to know if anyone can attest to differences between the 2D quality on the Radeon 9000 Pro and the GeForce4 Ti.

2D quality, clarity, sharpness is important to me for my work (web and graphic design) but I also like to play a few games now and then . . . =)

I was all set to go for the GeForce when I order my new machine - but then I read a review of it saying that 2d was a little less clear than on some of the Ati cards . . .

I'm wondering how big of a difference it is . . .

If it's negligable - then heck, I'll get the monsterbeastfromheck GeForce4 Ti.

But if there is a noticable clarity difference - even PROBLEM - then the extra gaming boost wouldn't be worth it to me . . .

Enough blah blah?

Any experience on this?

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