Importing Entourage Mailbox to over AirPort

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How do I do it? The mailbox never shows up when I try.


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    i think what he's saying is that we need a few more details before we 'd be able to help you out.

    for instance, is it a problem with your Airport not working? do the files show up and they just don't import?

    if they don't import, what have you tried. what error messages have you gotten.

    if you can, write out everything you've tried, and the results you've gotten. it's tough to troubleshoot computer problems over the 'net, in-depth information is about the only way to combat this.

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    Okay. I am using and Address Book on my new TiBook with Jaguar, and I'm using Entourage 2001 on my B&W G3 with OS 9.2. I wirelessly network the two computers with AirPort and have enabled File Sharing and Program Sharing (or Program Linking- regardless of the name, it enables one to run programs remotely). What I would like to do is to import my contacts and archived email from my old computer running Entourage to my new computer running and Address Book.

    I'm in on my TiBook and select "import" from the file menu. It asks what program I want to import from, and I select "Microsoft Entourage 2001." It's not on my local hard drive so it asks me to locate it. I remotely browse my old computer's hard drive on my TiBook, find Entourage 2001, and select it. The problem is that nothing shows up once I return to the import box in

    I figure, okay, I'll just copy the Identity folder from that computer to this one, open it in Entourage v.X, and import it in from there. No go, the files won't all transfer.

    Is there an easy way to do this? I just want my damn contacts and archived email.
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