migrate primary use from macbook to iPad 3

in iPad edited January 2014
wife has macbook white c2d (wonderful machine still working great) 10.7.3

probably will now use her new iPad 3 wifi 32gb as primary(when it arrives)

wish to sell her macbook or give to relative

we have

clone of her hard drive with superduper

itunes match



iPhone 4s in which it is synced to her macbook backed up to iCloud

wish to wipe macbook before i sell, give

will she have to sync to this macbook?

what happens to her syncing with her iPhone 4s

can she just sign in with her apple ID when she gets her iPad 3 and get all her apps

need step by step

i don't want to mess her machine up

don't want to sync to this macbook

thanks for any help

iPad, iOS 5.1
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