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How do you burn a windows readable CD. I have tried many times and nothing seems to work. Before Jaguar, I would just burn a regular data CD in the finder. The disks that jaguar produces with this method will load on windows, but if you try to copy anything off them, it reports an error. Something about not being able do read the source disk. The other method I tried was to make a new DOS image in Disc Copy. These wouldn't even burn...Any suggestions?


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    what are the flie name lengths and do they have any unusual characters in them?
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    Nothing is unusual about the files. I burned a CD almost identical in OS 10.1 and 10.2. The 10.1 worked and the 10.2 didn't. It is a strange problem though. The files on the root level of the disk are completely readable, but all the folders cannot be opened...
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    I believe I have read about this bug in Jaguar.

    I expect Apple is working on a fix.

    It is quite embarassing.

    Mean time can you use Toast?

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    Oh well, I guess I'll just have to wait for the fix. I don't want to buy Toast, and this isn't that big of a deal. I assume this will be fixed very soon since they had it working earlier...
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