App Store. Why no sub-categories?

in iPad edited January 2014
I got an iPad 3 last week, and the one thing that's standing out more than anything else is how bad the app store is for browsing. So I've got to ask, why no sub categories?

When you go into newstand and click the store button, your essentially just taken to the newsstand category in the app store, but as there's no sub categories in the app store you just have a list of 2025 publications. If you know what one you want then you can just search, which is fine. But if you just want to browse what's availiable your essentially left going through every single magazine!

I'm seriously shocked, does anyone at Apple actually download apps, because I seriously can't imagine how anyone could look at a list of 2025 publications and not think, hmmm people may actually wan't to view magazines on a particular subject when there browsing.


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    mr. memr. me Posts: 3,219member
    It appears that at the heart of your whine is that there are two many apps in the iTunes App Store. If you prefer to browse but tire easily, then you can reduce the number of apps that you have wade through by typing in a non-specific keyword like "sloth" rather than something more specific like "timgriff84."
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