I Read Apple iBooks On Mac OS Instead Of IOS iPad/iPhone

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Amazon saved the Kindle in part by making sure its Kindle e-reader software was available for every major new platform, like"Kindle for pc, kindle for Andriod" even the new version of "kindle for iPad supporting Apple Retina Display".

On the contrary, though Apple develops iBooks for their customers-an amazing way to download and read books, people just can read them on IOS iPad, iPhone,iPod because the Apple Fairplay iBooks DRM.

So if Apple is serious about competing with Amazon in the e-books industry, where is the iBooks for Mac/PC? I found some method of how to read ibooks on Mac/PC yesterday on this tutorial guide which I have expected for a long time. If you guys have the same problem as me, I think it's worthing reading!
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