Uh-oh! Did I kill it???

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G4 graphite 400 mhz (old school!. Some dingleberry bought a ram chip for it and stuck it in the slot. Something ( I know not what) happened and it didn't work. He pulled it out and some of the little metal leads which run along the bottom of the ram chip stayed stuck down in the crack. OH CRAP! So now I take tweezers and gently get them out. I try and turn it on. It powers up (you here the jet engine whine up) and then about 1-3 seconds later it cuts off again. CRAP ON A STICK! So now I try the mother board reset switch. Same thing happens, no go. My question... is this hosed beyond repair??? Or did this just zap the other ram? What are the symptoms of just 'bad ram'. What else can cause the power up/power down issue?

Also, assuming I get this fixed... Should I replace my B&W G3 400 PCI with this G4 400 AGP? Just wanted to know....

EDIT: Question about swapping...

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    A bad logic board will cause those problems. If you have a good logic board but nonfunctioning RAM, you should hear 3 beeps shortly after you hit the power button and it won't boot. But if you hear no beeps and it just shuts down... my money is on the logic board. To troubleshoot, remove any extra RAM, if possible pull some RAM from a different Mac and install it. Remove all external devices, remove all PCI cards (unless you need one for you monitor or something), reset the logic board (hold down the cuda switch for 5 seconds) and try booting again.

    If you still get nothing, my vote is for the logic board.
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