Do modems ever go "bad?"

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In the past week we have had a REALLY difficult time getting online via our dial-up modem (internal modem on the iMac G4). It will typically dial just fine, but I end up receiving the following error message as the modem disconnects:

"Could not negotiate a connection with the remote PPP server."

Sometimes it seems like the modem does not want to dial-up, or I will hear odd noises among the usual random sounds of connection--higher-pitched, unending squeals. Other times it will dial and then "hang up" leaving the sound of an open phone line. Just a bit ago I could hear a recording pertaining to "hanging-up and trying again."

Frequently it takes a minimum of a half-hour of constant trying to finally get a successful connection. Until today, as long as we kept the connection active, there were no problems, but tonight it has been dropping, and reconnecting has been taking at least 45-60 minutes each time...UGH!

Today the "Mac" guy returned to my ISP (a regional provider) from vacation. He was very nice, and a true Mac user, but after going through all of my settings--which were correct--he could not figure-out the problem either. Is it likely my modem, or something on their end?

Unfortunately, only one of their dial-up numbers is local for me, and to try one of the other ones would mean risking not being able to get back online for another hour....

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can pass my way,



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    Yes, modems can die, as can all computer hardware.

    It happened to me some years ago with my Global Village modem. One day I tried to sign on, and it just wouldn't connect. It would make the normal audible beeps and clicks, but it would never complete the connection. I tried a friend's modems and everything worked just fine.
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    Well, just for the hell of it I tried dialing-up with one of the other numbers--it wasn't a local call, but it was worth it just to see what happened.Â* I connected on the first try, without so much as a hitch.Â* So now what?Â* Is there something screwy with the local # for us?

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    It certainly could be, yep. You definitely need to tell the tech support guy that you could successfully connect through the other numbers.
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    [quote]Originally posted by Brad:

    <strong>It certainly could be, yep. You definitely need to tell the tech support guy that you could successfully connect through the other numbers.</strong><hr></blockquote>

    I just e-mailed them to tell them just that. I actually decided to try 4 others, and all worked flawlessly. I told them that they needed to get this fixed in the next day or so, or I would be finding a new ISP.
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    most likely a storm or electrical surge of some kind came along and toasted the modem. any storms lately?

    i've seen it happen tons.

    time to buy a new modem.
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    Funny thing you should mention it, yesterday my sis was using her account on my iMac G4 and she kept getting "Modem Error", PPP and dial and hang up problems.

    She logged out and when I tried to use my account I couldn't connect either.

    Shut down and re start sorted it out - strange <img src="confused.gif" border="0">
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