Can I restore OS 8.5 with the Apple CD?

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My friends mac bombed and now it won't start up all the way. I know I can use the Apple OS 8.5 CD to boot up from. My questions are these:

Once we boot up from the CD, is there an option to restore to OS or will we have to re-install it?

If I have to re-install it, what happens to the apps on the disk (assuming there is no damage to the disk)?

Should I make a copy of the system folder first in order to save the control panels, extensions, and preferences from the loaded apps?

One more note: The current OS is 8.6. I'm hoping the 8.5 CD does have a restore function and that it works with 8.6.

Thanks to all that answer.


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    There's no "restore" because you didn't "back up" anything. How would it know what to restore? But I want more information on exactly what the Mac does when you try to boot it. Does it stay black? Does the hard drive spin up? Do you get the happy Mac? Does it start loading extensions? Does it bomb while loading them? Does it get to the Finder? What kind of Mac is it? Have you tried running Norton Disk Doctor?

    There's a good chance we can fix your problem if we know that information, and anything else you can tell us. Don't worry about replacing the system just yet, that may not be the problem.
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    sc_marktsc_markt Posts: 1,393member

    When I meant restore, I meant restore the OS, not the apps or files. I have not really ever had to use the system CD that came with my mac so I was wondering if I can boot off it and use the OS installer to repair the system.

    I won't be able to talk to this guy until he stops by tomorrow. What he said was that it starts up, freezes, and an error code comes up. I don't remember what it was. I don't know if the extensions are starting to load or where it freezes at.

    I told him I have used Norton ultilites before when I have toasted my system. I've probably used it over 10 times and each time, it worked great. I know there are quite a few users out there who don't like Norton so I'll tell him this before I run it.

    Thanks for your reply, Xaqtly.
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    No problem - but if I knew exactly at what point in the booting sequence it was freezing, I could probably be a lot more helpful.
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    der kopfder kopf Posts: 2,275member
    On that kind of system (meaning 7 & 8) a freeze halfway loading is often caused by an extension conflict.

    If this is the case:

    # start up your computer

    # hold down the space bar, ALL THE TIME.

    # if all's right, your extensions manager should pop up (when you least expect it)

    # there should be a dropdown menu on which you can choose 'Mac os xxx base'.

    # choose it, press continue.

    # keep your fingers crossed and hope it starts up.

    # it should. Once your up, go to control panels, choose 'extensions manager'.

    # talk to your friend, try to determine if he installed something new before having this problem.

    # try to determine if the new thing has installed an extension, it it has, try to de-activate it in your own extensions class. (or simply trash it from the extensions folder).

    # try to start up (from 'my settings' extension list)

    # repeat this process until it starts up on the 'my settings' extension list.
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