Downloaded 9.2.1 update, but error 127....

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Hi All,

Got the new used cube running with the 9.0.4 Software Install disk and did a clean install, then got on the Internet and downloaded the 9.1 update night before last (8 hours over this connection) and the 9.2.1 update last night, BUT:

This morning, while the download indicated complete, there was a warning sign that said that the 9.2.1 disk could not be used because of an error 127 (internal file error?). Nothing would make anything happen on the computer other than the reset button. When I pressed that, the computer restarted in 9.1.

Now everything appears normal; 9.2.1 seems to be all intact and ready to install with no warning anywhere, and Disk First Aid says "The volume '9.2.1 Update' appears to be OK." SO

Go ahead and install, or...?

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