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Always say that they have been let go, have forgotten your love, around a circle found that just

deceive ourselves. I admit that I forget, I admit that I am a coward took of letting go.

Friends are finished speak truth, but I still don't want to accept the reality and the reason I

did not understand, but the memory too bending, I walk out the final outcome, I try to use various

methods to forget, but all things by halves, to play into a MeiXinMeiFei people, in the end the

injury or himself, always in your face the dim slowly, suddenly heartache. I'm not a scarecrow, I

know heartache...

I was a boy but I'm not strong, I also need a person with in the side to be caring and attentive,

if you can, I at that time will choose do not love you, since personally your hands, will be ready

to do so pain, on the line on the way of the pain, for me to go on...

So I learned to pretend, and pretended to be very happy...

guild wars 2 gold
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