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I just installed Office X on my Cube. I have been using Office 98. It appear that it installed correctly. I ran Entourage and imported CONTACTS. Then I tried to import my e-mails from OE but wouldn't allow me because it says the it cannot complete the import due to OE application missing (which it's not). Then I tried to run MS Word and get "Application Quit Unexpectantly." I tried running Excel and get the same message. I ran Powerpoint and get the same quit message. I am baffled... :eek:


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    I'm pretty sure I know what the problem is.

    There is (was?) a problem with Office X and fonts. Since it loads fonts at startup, if there is a font on your system that isn't compatible with Office than it will crash when any application is launched.

    I had this problem on my machine and, subsequently talked a friend throught the same problem. The way to find the offending font is to move half your fonts out of the fonts folder (put them in some temp folder) and try to launch one of the Office apps (no need to reboot). If it launches, then the non-compliant font is in the temp folder. If it crashes then switch the fonts in the temp folder with the fonts in your other fonts folders. If it the Office app doesn't crash, keep replacing your fonts into their original folders until you figure out which is the bad font.

    It's times like this that I wish the color labels were back.
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