iPhones and iPads are killing the toy industry

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Regardless if you think the toy industry is getting hammered as a result of their own self imposed stagnation or if you think iPhones and iPads are basically digital crack pipes for kids, the fact is that kids are migrating to digital devices sooner than ever before.



‎"American parents are turning to these game applications as a surrogate babysitter because of how cheap and easy it is for children to use. They can keep the attention of children for a long time as there are hundreds of game applications that are free or relatively cheap (around US$1) to download. Euromonitor estimates there were 21.5 million iPhones and over 20 million iPads sold in the US during 2011. Both iPhone and iPad sales are expected to grow in 2012 as new iterations of both products are released this year. Traditional toy manufacturers fear that this will lead to a sales decline in their type of toys as children move towards video games and apps at a much earlier age. As such, one of the biggest trends this year is incorporating the play of physical toys with smartphone and tablet applications."


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    kids are migrating to digital devices sooner than ever before.

    At least their rooms will be tidier. I don't think it will kill the industry because kids have too much energy to be satisfied by sitting on a sofa playing mobile games. Nintendo and Sony didn't significantly impact the toy industry so Apple won't either.

    The toy industry might scale down but it's too big as it is. Too many similar, low-quality products.

    Whatever happens, the toy companies will find a solution:

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