Anyone got PNGs to work in Explorer?

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I only just noticed that IE 5.2 under Jag can't handle .png images. I merrily went of the the File Helpers area of Preferences, thinking "I can sort this out", but it flat-out refuses to acknowledge that I've told it what to do with that particular file-type.

This worked under OS 9.2.2 and IE 5.1, and I found a discussion over at Apple Support Forums about the same thing about 4 months ago which didn't help either (some of those guys could actually get it to recognise the setting, but it broke the minute they quit Explorer).

Is there some setting I'm missing (file creator, perhaps?) or some wriggle to do this?

"Change browser" replies to dev/null, please.


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    By default, yes, Internet Explorer should load inline PNG images just fine. If you try to open a PNG image by itself in IE, though, you'll have problems (even though it works on all other browsers just fine).
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    overhopeoverhope Posts: 1,123member
    Aaah, thanks Brad, that's the spot-on answer: the images I was trying to look at were isolated ones from Need To Know, but I've just been back to a page that I know has some inline PNGs, and it's working fine (despite all my tinkering!).

    I'm still pretty sure it was working under 9... typical M$. Just as soon as I'm able, I'm going Microsoft-free.

    Thanks again for the prompt, accurate answer.
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