Authentication-can't modify HDD nightmare-help!!

in macOS edited January 2014
So, I installed an SSD into my iMac (2006 last of the white plastics, 2.16 Core 2 Duo, 4GB, Lion 10.7.3). Fan noise! OK, solved by :Cool:

Saved some web pages to desk top fine.

Try to move anything* to the hard drive..."Cannot be modified" although then it will let me after asking for authentication password.

(*well, not anything literally. I made new folders-had to authenticate to create and even to rename those-and moving a folder between those does not ask for authentication. But anything to other folders-which are system folders, I supposed- or to the root of the drive which I do often-asks for this)

It's DRIVING ME NUTS. And I researched this a LOT on the internet to no avail. Various Terminal fixes won't work, because Terminal says my password is wrong (it was no password, so changed that, but still says it's wrong). And a lot of the advice, I wonder if it is too old to apply to Lion. Repairing permissions did nothing. Oh, and booting into Single User Mode and running ls /Users/ shows only a Shared name, no .localized or username (I don't really know what all that means, it's out of a procedure to change the admin password)

I was SOOOO happy to get the SSD in and fix the fan noise and really enjoying the speed, and now this waste of hours of my afternoon...\


(specifically please, if you say "do this" please list the steps. I know enough to be dangerous, ha ha, and not familiar with Lion yet. To that end, let's say my username-the one that shows up in the Finder sidebar with the little icon-is "SteveJobs" and my password "Frustrated")
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