Multi-Router DHCP Problem

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I just moved into my dorm room this weekend and in my room I only have one network port available. This is a problem because I need my PowerBook on the network, but I also want to have my Xbox on the network so that I can play games with my friends in the hall. I just bought a Linksys 4-port Cable/DSL Router/Switch so that I can plug the PB and Xbox into the router and then have the router's Uplink port connected to my single wall connection. However, the router seems to be too smart for its own good, and won't allow me to access the network properly. When I try to find other Xboxes on the network (for Halo, of course ) when going through the router, I cannot see any active games. But if I just plug the Xbox directly into the wall, everything works fine. I was wondering if anybody knows how to configure the Router/Switch (using Static Routing, I think) to let me access the network properly. Ideally, I would like my machine to grab an IP address from the hall DHCP server rather than the built-in one on the router, but I don't know how to go about this. I'm fairly proficient with networking, but this seems to have me stumped at the moment. Any suggestions are welcome!


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    Wouldn't a hub work? Can you return the router and buy a hub with an uplink? That should be 'dumb' enough to be able to simply repeat the messages.
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    Just create 2 locations in Network pref.

    Call one DSL and add do a configure manually using DHCP router and enter the ip of the DSL router for DHCP.

    Create another called Hall and do the same as above but with the ip of the Hall router.

    When you want to surf the you can swap back and forth.

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    Your problem will be when you don't wat to switch back and forth.It is highly unlikely that the DSL router and Hall router can see each other so you would need to add static routes to both of them.

    Don't let your BOFH catch you though.


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