Need some help with Flash MX Actionscript

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I'm making an experimental flash 6 movie where random sized white points appear on the stage and are randomly connected by lines.

I have a movieclip called "point" which is an animation of the point fading onto the screen. It is duplicated and has it's duplicates given new names and levels at random positions and random scales on the stage.

and another movieclip called canvas, which is blank and will be used to draw the lines.

My actionscript which runs twice every second is as follows:


pointnum += 1;

//increment the number of points created by 1

duplicateMovieClip(point, "point"+pointnum, pointnum);

//create a new point with a new name: "point" followed by its number

set("newpointscale", (Math.random()*100)+25);

//choose a random number between 25 & 125

set("newx", (Math.random()*480));

//choose a random number between 0 & 480

set("newy", (Math.random()*270));

//choose a random number between 0 & 270

setProperty("point"+pointnum, _xscale, newpointscale);

setProperty("point"+pointnum, _yscale, newpointscale);

//set the new point's width & height to the first new random number

setProperty("point"+pointnum, _x, newx);

//set the new point's x position to the second new random number

setProperty("point"+pointnum, _y, newy);

//set the new point's y position to the third new random number

canvas.lineStyle(1, 0xFFFFFF, 25);

//set the pen colour to 25% translucent white

canvas.moveTo(newx, newy);

//move the pen to the centre of the new point

set("randomnum", Math.round(Math.random()*pointnum));

//choose a random integer below or equal to the number of the newest point

canvas.lineTo("point"+randomnum._x,"point"+randomn um._y);

//choose a random point based on the most recently chosen random integer, this is the line with the problem.


I can see the problem, obviously before the._x and ._y it wants a target path, but "point"+randomnum is returning the target path as a string.

Does anyone know how to convert a string to a target path in actionscript?

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