Mail app doesn't work after 10.2.1

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The icon was replaced by one of those generic "A" Icons with the ruler, pencil, and paintbrush (know what I mean?) Image capture doesn't work either, I get an error code 1000...I don't care about Image capture, but I need mail to work. This is an iBook (clamshell 466) with 320 MB RAM.

Can anyone help?


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    noahjnoahj Posts: 4,502member
    I have the same problem. Who has found the solution?
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    noahjnoahj Posts: 4,502member
    Nice, no solutions eh?

    Some that I havve found that may help, none did for me but the last one that I come up with for myself.

    First possibility, move your mail folder that stores all your messages to the desktop and try to launch mail again. It may fix the issue. Sorta like deleting the prefrences and rebuilding. If you are having the problem I was having, this will not help.

    Tha was the only help that I could find at Apples site.

    Here is how I solved it and here is what I think caused it. First the cause:

    I had move all my internet items to s sub-folder in applications called internet and whent he update happened it choked because of it. Looking at the two packages one was like 500-700kb (the new one created by the install). The Old one in the internet folder was about 1.2-1.5 MB. I think that they only included files to update the app, not the entire app itself, and when the app was not there, the update just dumped the files and this screwed up mail.

    Now the solution. Fortunately I had a second machine with 10.2. I made sure that the was in the Applications folder and ran the update. Everything went quite smoothly, mail worked at the end and the final product was just over 2 MB. I copied that to the computer that was having the problem and it now works as well. Hope this helps someone. <img src="graemlins/hmmm.gif" border="0" alt="[Hmmm]" />
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