Switch iPad mail account from Gmail to domain: hard reset *required*?

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I'm about to swap my email management from Gmail to Hostgator (my domain). The current mail account on my iPad is set up as a Gmail account, with my domain name ([email protected]) as the email address. (This email address, in turn, is set up on the Gmail side as the default "send as" address.) This arrangement has worked correctly so far, on my iPad, as well as my iPhone and my MacBookPro.

In the Hostgator instructions for setting up my email handling (in my case, to eliminate the Gmail "middleman"): "If you have already setup your email incorrectly, you cannot simply update the settings to be correct. Instead, you need to fully delete the account from the iPad, perform a hard reset, and recreate the entire account with the proper settings."

I assume by "incorrectly" they mean, the way I have it: this being, my domain email address as a Gmail account. Insofar as any of you wise geeks may know, is a "hard reset" of the iPad indeed required? What a hassle!


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    Originally Posted by fjpoblam View Post

    Insofar as any of you wise geeks may know, is a "hard reset" of the iPad indeed required? What a hassle!

    A hard reset doesn't mean a wipe, just force reboot by holding the home button and power button - keep them held during the 'slide to power off' message until the device shuts off and powers back on. A normal power down doesn't quit all the processes properly.

    I would have expected just creating a new email account would have worked but if it's a POP account, it won't migrate your old message over. If it's IMAP, a new account should read all your mail from the server from the new account then just delete the old one.
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    No... you just need to set up a new eMail account using your new service.

    You can have that AND the gmail account active...

    You can have lots of different email accounts active on an iOS device at one time... iCloud, google (multiples even), yahoo, msn, "mydomain", etc...

    I'm not sure you have any problem at all... Your hosting service may just be trying to "cover all the bases" by suggesting such a thing... but it truly sounds pointless.
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