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I have a Dual 1GHz DDR G4, with a SuperDrive. I'm planning on installing a 48x CD-RW drive in the lower drive bay to speed up general CD-R speeds.

How does Disc Burner know which CD-R you wish to use? Will it keep reverting to the SuperDrive?


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    Not quite the way it works:

    The first thing to be sure of is that the drive is recognised as being fully supported for disc burning (under devices and volumes in Apple System Profiler).

    The burning process only takes place when either you tell the Finder to Burn Disk, or drag the disk to the Trash: in either case you get a popup asking you what to do.

    Basically, you could pop a blank disk in either drive and load them up with files (until the disk is burnt, you're only looking at an image of it) and neither would burn until you told them to.

    Not sure about Disk Copy's Burn Image to Disk: I only have the one burner here, so I can't tell if it would give you an option of what drive to use.
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    Yeah, it was Disc Copy that I was wondering about in particular. Doesn't Disc Copy ask you for a disc just before it's ready to go?

    Maybe if you insert a blank CD into the drive, and hit "Ignore" prior to launching Disc Copy, it'll be smart enough to realise you want to use that disc?

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    Actually, you can tell the Finder to open Disk Copy when you insert a blank CD-R.

    Should you tell it to burn an image when there's no disc present, it'll sit there and wait until it finds one.

    If you do the Ignore thing, Disk Copy will recognise the disc when you go to burn, so it's at that point you'll need to know if it can deal with multiple drives: you can eject discs on the Burn dialog, and it'll sit there until it finds a disk it can play with.

    I think that, as long as you don't stick more than one blank CD-R in at a time, you shouldn't have a problem.

    (Edit: incorporated some experimental results)

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