I've set up an iPad blog

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My name is Sammy. I'm 16 and from the UK. I recently started a blog: Buy Me An iPad

My goal is to raise funds for an iPad by updating my blog regularly and encouraging visitors to click the Google Adsense adverts. I don't expect anyone to buy me an iPad straight up (although I wouldn't say no!) but I was curious if I could somehow use the internet to slowly fund my purchase. My brother who has been helping me and suggested I post here doesn't think I will be able to, but I'm remaining optimistic! I have to admit the act of blogging every few days has been quite fun, which is where my motivation to continue even though I've had very few hits, is coming from.

I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on this? I would like to spread the word so the number of readers I get increase. Perhaps feedback on how you think I could do this? Comments on my approach? And, of course, perhaps clicking an ad or two!

Thanks in advance.

Sammy x
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