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Is a SCSI external Hard Drive perform better and faster than a Firewire external Hard Drive. Let's say they both have 60GB.

I would like to add some more space to my computer. I would be using the extra space for intense video editing, and applications that demaned quick seek times and data transfer.

Thanks for suggestions.

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    SCSI will be faster, but the cost difference will be huge. you should ask yourself if the added cost will really be worth the additional performance.

    you'd probably be able to pick up two external firewire drives for the price of one scsi of similar size.

    outside of the server world very few people are still actively buying scsi drives. the added cost really doesn't pay off.
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    SCSI and Firewire drives are pretty close in performace right? If true, Can I boot into X with an external Firewire drive. Would that be a better and faster way and cheaper to go instead of an internal ATA or SCSI.
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    The speed would depend more on the speed of the drive than on the speed of the interface.
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    Depending on what size your current hard drive is, i would consider buying a pci card for ide raid. Then i wuold stripe 2 ide drives over a raid 1 array. It would show your multiple drives as 1 large drive, and would cut your seek time in half, or close to. The only problem with this solution is that you are limited by the size of teh smallest drive on your raid array. If you have a 20 gig drive and add a 60 gig drive, the raid drive that is created will be shown only as a 40 gig. It adds only ass much as the smallest drive.

    This method is a heck of a lot cheaper than scsi and you would probably see the same if not better performance than scisi if you use raid.

    If you don't have any pci slots, or any more room for additional hard drives, just go with firewire. The speed of firewire is sufficent for any ide hard drive.

    Oh yea, to answer your origional question, scsi is generally faster. SCSI drives go up to 15000rpm and ide are currently at 7200. There are problems however that arrise with scsi, heat and noise. If you have ever used these you would know what i mean. SCSI drives sound like a freaking chain saw when they start up, and you should also have cooling on them.

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    Does anyone startup with a Firewire drive. I know Apple say's it's not supported but will it work?
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    When's internal Firewire drives expected to come out?
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