Making backup ISOs

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I got my Jaguar CDs today, so I thought that I'd wipe out my harddrive and make a clean install.

But ofcourse there are some things (approximately 4Gb) I want to keep. Since I have an iBook there is no DVD-R on it. But on my mothers HP there is. So what I want to do is to take a directory and do an ISO file of it which I can transfer to her PC and then burn it there and then use on my Jaguar system.

What programs should I use? are there anything else I should be aware of?

Thanks in advance


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    nemnem Posts: 45member
    OK, I figured out how to make disc images the way I want them. Now, how do I convert the dmg files to ISO9660? So I can burn them on the PC DVD-R? I have tried to search google for answers but ended up empty-handed.

    Please help me.
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    You didn't mention what OS you're currently running. The version of Disk Copy that comes with Jaguar has the ability to create a new blank image in Windows File Format, which is something the PC can read and work with. You should check your version of Disk Copy to see if it allows you to do that.
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    nemnem Posts: 45member
    I did run 10.1.5 at the time I asked, but now I have upgraded to Jaguar (Still need to make a clean install though). So I now have the option to use the MS-DOS file format.

    Thanks for your reply, I probably hadn't looked a second time if you didn't tell me.
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