iChat bug?

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Ok, i try to add new people to my buddy list, but it doesn't work. I think i may have the max amount of people, but i cannot remove people from my buddy list unless they are active... I DONT WANT TO DO THAT i want to be able to remove the people who are never on... possible? how?

i cant even tell what the total # of people on my b/l are.... :hmmmm:


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    Choose "Show Offline Buddies" from the View menu. Then, select the buddies you don't need and delete them. I believe the max number of buddies is around 254.

    Now, where's this bug you mentioned in the thread title?
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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member
    yeah i found that about 2 hours ago..... oh well..

    thanks brad, i kinda forgot about this thread, could have been helpful
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