iphone 4/4S internet shareing bug/cap

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I opened up this bugreport (Problem ID: 11164339) to apple now after having problems with both iOS 5.0.1 and IOS 5.1 on both iphone 4 and 4S that I have tested this but some articles i dug up made me confused if this has been longer even on 4.3 software. Can you people who read this test the following... Now I use tethering not that often but still I use it sometimes and have wondered why its so SLOOOOWWWW. Well its not because of the network as I have tried this on several phones!!!! You can test this even without having any tethered device thats shareing the internet connectivity from your iphone! Please test and report your findings on this thread!


Summary: 3G data speed is affected on both iphone and ipad when internet shareing is enabled. Speed drops dramatically. This is the case on both iphone 4 and 4S.

Steps to Reproduce:

all these are not necesery but atleast this setup should NOT make any confusion as to how it should work and how it works.

1. iphone 4/4S:3G on, bluetooth on, wifi off, ipad bluetooth on

2. test speed with eg speedtest.net (my test shows ping 88ms / ~down:6Mbps/Upstr:3M)

3. sharing on in iphone bluetooth/usb only

4. do speedtest with iphone 4/4S and ipad: iphone ping 186ms, ~down 0,36Mbps/upstr:0.18M, ipad2: ping 260ms, ~downstr:0,12Mb / upstr. 0,06Mpbs

5. shut down internet shareing.

6. do speedtest on iphone 4/4S-> iphone ping 186ms, ~downstr. 0,35Mbps/upstr:0.18M

7. shut off 3G, then put on 3G. OR WAIT >3 MINUTES(yes with 3G network connectivity).

8. to speedtest again on iphone 4/4S: ping 75ms, ~downstr: 6,1Mb / upstr. 2,5Mpbs

Expected Results:

same speed as without tethering. No speed penalty. Results are CRUSHINGLY notisable on tethering on ipad with REALLY slow web page download!!!!!

Actual Results:

Downgraded speed to downstream 1/20th of normal speed, upstream 1/10 of normal speed on both the shareing device and the client(ipad2 wifi(on bluetooth in this case))

Actually it doesnt matter if you use IOS 5.0.1 or 5.1 or iphone 4 or 4S with either os.
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