SMB Networking & DNS naming services

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I'm on a network with both Macs and PC's, and I have a question about the way my Mac is listing the Windows machines in the "Connect to Server" (Command-K) dialogue. I see the Mac machines on the network as they should be listed, with the user-defined network names in the list, but all of the Windows boxes have their DNS-assigned names in the list (they look like serial numbers) instead of the user-defined names.

In Apple's Knowledge Base article #107085, they note that you cannot have Mac OS X use the user-defined names instead of the DNS-assigned ones. I was wondering if anybody knows this to be absolutely factual, or if they just didn't post a solution because it would involve thinkering with the Terminal and whatnot. If it is possible to force the Mac to use the user-defined names, I would appreciate somebody posting a how-to or posting a link to a how-to on the web somewhere.

I think that it's silly that Apple didn't include an option to enable user-defined network names in Jaguar - definitely an oversite in my opinion. Thanks in advance!


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    shameless bump... Yeah, I know I'm not supposed to do this, but the topic fell down the list pretty fast, and the problem has really been bugging me. My apologies.
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