quark printing problems

in Genius Bar edited January 2014

On my eMac at work I'm running OS 10.1.5 and OS 9.2.1 on two separate partitions. My company bought Quark 5 (Mac) for the marketing dept. (so they can edit stuff I guess) and since I'm the only Mac computer in the shop I have to install it.

I have it on the OS 9 partition and it seems to be running well in 9 or in X (ala classic). My biggest problem is printing. Some questions...

1. Am I right in thinking classic apps running in X still need to print via a desktop printer or the chooser?

2. I d/l the drivers from lexmark and created a desktop printer (LPR). then to test opened up BBedit and typed "hello world" .. choose "print" and it works, yeah! When I open up a sample doc in quark I print and end up with six pages of mostly white paper with various garbage chars at the top. Any clue why this would be happening? Where to go next to diagnostic?

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