Compressing and Backing Up Iphoto

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I use Iphoto for managing photos on my Mac. Currently I have about 10,000 photos and a 40GB Iphoto library, which I assume is because Iphoto stores original copies of photos I edited. I backup my Iphoto library to Amazon S3. This ends up costing quite a but due to the size of the library. I could live with only backing up the edited version of my photos but have not yet found a convenient way to do this. I could extract all photos, but then I would lose the event structure. Any ideas ??


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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,200moderator
    You can use an app like GraphicConverter to compress all your pictures and it maintains your folder structure.

    You can just select the entire archive, hit convert and modify, possibly set maximum resolution to 1600 x 1600, quality to 85% JPEG and export them to another folder. Your entire library of 10k pictures would go down to 5GB at most.

    When you say you backup to Amazon, you aren't backing up the whole archive every time I assume. You would just rsync the changes to it.
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