Help... Iphoto won't work in jag!

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I have been using OS X for about a year now on my PowerBook 550 and have never had any problems with Iphoto. But for whatever reason, since I loaded Jag it won't work. I download pictures but they dissapear when I close and reopen the app. It also freezes when I try to go into the edit screen. Any suggestions as to what i should do? I have already loaded 10.2.1 in hopes that it would remedy my problem, and I am not aware of anyone else with this type of problem. Please help.


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    The first thing I would suggest is running Disk Utility from the OSX CD. Insert the CD and reboot your computer holding the 'c' key on your keyboard. Then, choose Disk Utility from the File Installer. Select your drive and click both the "Repair Permissions" and "Repair Disk" buttons for it.

    This is the first "standard" suggestion for fixing odd problems. If that doesn't help, post again.
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    Thanks for the suggestion, but it did not work. It is still behaving the same way. Any more suggestions.
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