Stars Wars Opening sequence

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Does anyone knows how to do the stars wars opening sequence using powerpoint?? E one where it says in a galaxy far far away.....

if it cannot be done with powerpoint, is there any other programs that can do this?

Pls advice. Thanks!!


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    As i recall there was an article in MacAddict i think about how do to this, only not in powerpoint but in some other programs. There are places on the internet that tell you how to do it in a number of different programs, just do a quick search.
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    was the article very long ago?? i have the last 5 issues!!!
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    even <a href=""; target="_blank">ascii</a> versions are cool (works in terminal!)

    plain vertical scroll up is pretty easy. vanishing legibly into the distance is tougher.

    try this

    sample method using image processing tools

    (PhotoShop, FireWorks, etc) prior to basic transparent gif animation with GifBuilder (free)


    open new document with transparent background


    import or type light yellow/gold text (as a long narrow block on its own layer) but leave the background transparent


    experiment with skew and distort tapering of the text block at the top so it appears to vanish into the distance for effect


    once you're happy with the effect you want (mad scientist attitude is good), note the settings and if you can, undo the modify steps and record them (if your program supports this)


    position the text for frame 1 and export a gif called title1.gif


    position the text for frame 2 and run the modify action or batch script you recorded to distort the text block a few %. export a gif called title2.gif


    repeat for each new frame by just incrementing the text up a line and running your modify action once. export each framex to a titlex.gif

    if you've been cumulatively distorting your previous file, your early text should get appear to get further away as more appears


    when finished (don't forget to scroll some blank space after the final lines of text to complete the effect), you should have a folder full of numerically incremented titlex.gif


    open GifBuilder with all of the selected title files, set first pixel transparent, optimize and tweak other settings as you crave. export completed gif animation as SWTitle.gif or new name


    import into Powerpoint against a Hubble

    starfield or whatever (if background transparency left clean)

    et voila!

    and most importantly, if anyone fails to show suitable awe at your stellar presentation, crack open the darth vader audio "<a href=""; target="_blank">i find your lack of faith distrubing</a>

    hope this helps

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    Go to the <a href=""; target="_blank"></a> and click on fanfilms there u will find the answer to ur question with a full tutorial

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