For you Wintel people: Media Player Error

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Hi all,

I hope this won't get me flammed but I have a Windows ME question re Windows Media Player on a friend's PC.

When WMP is launched(to use either the CD-ROM or CD-RW drive, the following error message is obtained:

"Wmplayer has caused an error in MSISAM11.DLL

Wmplayer will now close....." etc.

The tray of the CD-ROM drive wouldn't open and we disconected it and removed it from the PC. We got the tray to open but after we got the drive back in the machine the error message above kept popping up, even when CD burning software was launched.

Please help.

What is MSISAM11.DLL and what is the problem?

Thanks, Steve <img src="confused.gif" border="0">


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    fotnsfotns Posts: 301member
    This DLL is used for Media Player. I suggest you try uninstalling Media Player, restarting, and then reinstalling it.
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    Thanks, FotNS, but we tried that, several times, but it still does it.

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    i've gotton that one before i switched to beautiful itunes. It happened when i burned cd's. Two suggestions: get wmplayer 9 available for download at, unistall wmplayer and windows movie maker, as the sorta share the dll methinks. Good luck
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    Yikes, Windows ME was the buggiest Windows release since Windows 95. My advice is for your friend to download WMP 7.1 or 9 Series (which I think is very good, BTW) for free from <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>; . Better yet, upgrade to Windows 2000 or XP.
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