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Just got my new iMac yesterday (see specs in my signature) so what a great time I'm having at the moment. I had been reading here about how slow it's supposed to be but I'm pleasantly surprised. Find it quite responsive actually. At least on par with my 1333 Mhz Athlon. To be fair to the PC I better state that it's mostly used by my teenage son and it may not be well optimized but nevertheless. In fact I haven't been so pleased with a new Mac since my IIsi some 2 centuries back

And now to the question. Is it possible to make Video CD's (VCD) on the iMac? It's not a big deal for me personally but a colleague is seriously thinking about buying one and for him it's a must. It's a type of media much used in the Far East.

Another question, anyone here know if it's possible to change the region code of a DVD when you copy it?

Thanks for any input

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    Inorder to make Video CDs, you'll need a third party program like Roxio's <a href=""; target="_blank">Toast</a>
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    and Toast is grrrrreat for making VCD's.

    I've done a couple and compared them to VCD's made with a PC. Not surprisingly but the ones made with a Mac and Toast were of better quality.
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    I second (third?) that. Toast is a must-have for any mac with a CD-burner, but it is the easiest and best way to produce VCDs. Perfectly compatible with's practically drag n' drop.
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