How to move OS X (and files) from one drive to another:

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I know this topic has been mentioned before here, but I have an unusual setup, so I thought I would ask again to be sure.


I have a TiBook 667. I use it at work and home. At work, I boot from the TiBooks internal IDE drive. I run in OS 9.2 at work. When I am home, I boot the TiBook from an external 40 GB FireWire drive. I run OS X 10.2 at home on the FireWire drive. It's a safe way to seperate my home stuff from my work. Anyway...

I just bought a new FireWire 80 GB 7200 rpm ATA 133 drive + case. I want to migrate off my older external 40 GB drive and put EVERYTHING on the 40 GB over to the 80 GB, including the OS X 10.2 system I boot into. Once I am over to the 80 GB, I am going to reformat the 40 GB and use it for backups, etc.

What's the best way to make sure I get all the hidden "." files and OS X sneeky *nix files moved to the new drive without losing data or settings? My setup is simple; only 2 user accounts, not a lot of data really.

Should I boot into OS 9 and move everything?

Back in the old OS 9 daya I moved from one drive to another (including boot systems) all the time with no problems. I could do it in my sleep. But OS X is a whole different animal (A jaguar, LOL) and I am hesitant to make a wrong move. I dont wanna kill any permissions or user accounts, and I dont want to break the system files so that I cant boot from the new drive. I really want to make the transition seamless so the system never even "knows" I switched drives. I even plan on naming the new drive the name of the original drive to be safe.

Any advise would be great. I really appreciate the help from you guys. These forurms are very helpful!


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    There's a program called CarbonCopy, You can find it I think at were if will copy your OS and I think files to another HD.
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