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Here's what the problem is. I have about 9GB of needed to be backed up files on my Mac. The Firmwire for my CD-RW is not compatible with Jaguar. It needs Mac OS 9 to be installed. The bad part of it is Mac OS 9 is not installed nor can I install it because I choose not to install Mac OS 9 Disk Drivers. What should I do? None of my external HD will work either.


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    qaziiqazii Posts: 305member
    Can you boot off an OS 9 CD and backup from there?
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    When I boot from the 9 cd it can't see my HD's because I don't have the disk drivers installed, which allow 9 to see them.
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    qaziiqazii Posts: 305member
    Boot off the Jag CD, and upgrade your current installation with the OS 9 driver box checked. (This may may not work if you already have 10.2.1, however). Or maybe try to extract the drivers using Pacifist and install them manually.
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