New user added after restart

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
After restarting (I updated quite a few programs e.g. IE, Retrospect, etc), there is now one more user in the log-in stage in addition to the two I have created.

The user shows up as 'Others...' If I actually click on the user to log in, the user name is blank and so is the password and it will not let me log in.

After logging in as the normal admin account, I went into the users folder and there are only four folders (mine, the other user, shared, and deleted user).

Where did this third user come from?

My only guess is that previously Retrospect started immediately after restart but now I do not see it.

Any suggestion? TIA!


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    That "Others" thing is so you can type in any currently existing account name rather than using a button to do it. I believe it shows up when you enable root.
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    qaziiqazii Posts: 305member
    Wasn't there an option in 10.1 to show "Other..." (without enabling root)? I don't see it in Jag....
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    I disabled root and now the extra user is gone. Thanks for your help X!
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