A Mystery for Sherlock 3

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So I opened up Sherlock 3 today to do some eBay searching, and it opened to the all channels view, which is my default, and right before I went to click on eBay I noticed something. Three of my channels are missing!

Movies, Yellow Pages and Stocks are all gone, nowhere to be found. I have looked in the help, the KNowledge base, but to no avail. Does anyone know where they miight have gone? Do they load dynamcially like PreferncePanes? and if so what reason would they have to not show up?

I don;t exactly use Sherlock 3 a lot, so it is no big issue, but it is just kind of annoying.



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    defiantdefiant Posts: 4,876member
    AFAIK the channels are controled by a server from apple. that means they can switch channels on and off, if they like.

    not sure if that's the thing with your channels, though.

    someone care to check his Sherlock 3 ?
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    They're all there for me.
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    Mystery solved. Since I live in Canada, I had changed the preferences so that only channels intended for Canada were on. When I clicked on the US channels as well, Yellow Pages, Movies and stocks all whoed up again.

    Its annoying, because the only one of the three I can actually use is the Stocks one. The closest theatres it will list are in Tacoma, Bellingham and Seattle, and I have no need for American Yellow Pages.

    Ah well, maybe they will be there some day.

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