How do you delete IE hidden files in Jaguar?

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I've been using IE 5.2 for a while now and where once it was snappy it's now become unbearably slow.

I have this problem on my pc from time to time and it seems that IE stores loads of stuff as you browse in hidden files which become bloated. By booting into dos and dumping them IE just remakes new ones and suddenly runs like it originally did.

However How do you do this Jaguar? I don't even know where to look for hidden files in X!!!



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    This largely relates to the cache, but you don't have to get too fancy: go to Preferences, select Advanced. The second box is Cache, and there's a big button saying "Empty Now". Hit it.

    You may find it's worth bumping the size of the cache up as well, as this brings a speed benefit to your frequently-visited pages: I keep mine around the 500MB mark...

    On that same page there are the settings related to the History: storing fewer recent places will speed IE up, and again you can purge the history direct in the app.
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    Download the preference pane TinkerTool and it allows the finder to show all hidden files.

    If this doesn't work Go into Mac OS 9 and unhide them using ResEdit, then delete them.

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